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Freedom with Nutrition

You are free to dismantle the food rules that control your life.
You are free to follow your own voice.
You are free to take care of your body as YOU deem fit (*not diet culture, your mom, your sister, your friend, your physician, etc).
You are free to let go of whatever is no longer serving you.
You are free to make your own choices.
You are free to be imperfectly, authentically you

Nutrition counseling is for you if

You are tired of the constant cycle of yo-yo dieting.

My Approach...

I am a weight-inclusive, non-diet, HAES-aligned dietitian serving PA, NJ, DE, and MD. I provide evidence-based nutrition counseling to those struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders. I believe in continuous learning and strive to keep up with the latest research in order to best serve my clients.

Why Naturopathy

About our work together


I will not be weighing you unless it is deemed medically necessary. Your worth and value are independent of the number on a scale.


I take a weight-inclusive approach to treatment. This means that I will prioritize your health and well-being without targeting your body size.


I will not be labeling food as “good” or “bad.” Black and white thinking is all too common in society, especially when it comes to diet culture. We will be challenging these beliefs and exploring what it might look like to embrace the gray.


Intuitive eating may be a primary goal for us - or it may not. While the principles of intuitive eating may be supportive for some people, it is not attainable for ALL people. We will determine together whether intuitive eating is a good goal for you.


I will not be using BMI to “determine” your health status.


You have full autonomy over the process. This is YOUR journey; however, I will be there to support you as you define your values and goals for treatment. I welcome different perspectives and beliefs and will always seek understanding and compassion over judgment or shame.

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